Premium Design

A group of top Finnish designers has skilfully combined the unique Moomin brand with the hottest new street fashions. 

All our bags are in classic black or black and white with golden text. Some bags feature black on black print with the gloss black print standing out from the matt black background. The print design covers the whole fabric and will not fade.

Our shoulder bags have been designed to hold a 13-inch laptop. The straps are generous enough for the bag to be carried comfortably, even when wearing winter clothes.

Our drybags are oval rather than round. This gives the bags a more elegant look and makes them easier to carry. 15L products feature a zipped inner pocket for smaller items.

Moomin bags quality by Caamoz
Moomin Bags Are Designed To Last
Premium Quality

Quality is guaranteed by our professional team. We have a combined experience of more than 40 years in sailing, diving, mountain climbing and camping.

A top-quality, non-toxic PVC 500-1000 denier mat is the main material in our products. The matt surface imparts a classy, non-plastic look and sets the product to premium level.

In our shoulder bags, we use denier 1000 to ensure the products retain their shape. In the drybags the strength is 500-700 denier to ensure durability and smooth closing mechanism.

All seams are tight, neat and durable due to heat die cutting. The zipper of the shoulder bag is waterproof and all rings/loops, tighteners and quick-release locks are of POM plastic. The straps are made of sturdy nylon.

All the materials used in our products are waterproof. However, our products are not designed underwater.

We will deliver our products in stylish and durable 'MOOMIN' cartoon bags.

Moomin Shoulderbags and drybags are delivered in cardboard boxes